Unique flavors, colors, textures and delicious aromas

Valimex presents to the European food industry its new line of dehydrated raw tropical fruits, 100% natural without added sugars, colorants or harsh chemicals where the only ingredient its own fruit that is preserved maintaining its potent nutritional benefits

Thanks to the sun of the beautiful Latin American tropics, highest technology and the love caring manual process Valimex propose a unique product that preserves the delicate fruit and all of the goodness found within.

We offer the following fruits in organic and conventional qualities:

  • Banana: slices, chunks and toasted
  • Papaya: tea cut, squares and slices
  • Dragon Fruit: slices and pieces
  • Pysalisis- Goldenberry: whole fruit and pieces
  • Pineapple: rings and chunks in a triangle.
  • Coconut: in cubes, slices, crispy with different flavors (panela, sea salt, cinnamon, cocoa)
  • Mango: slices and pieces.

* Mango, Pineapple, Pysalis  and Banana can be offered lyophilized (Freeze dried)

This delightful fruit product is recommended as an appetizer, as a healthy snack for athletes and children lunch boxes or for the food industry as an innovative ingredient for granola bars, cereals, cookies, desserts or as an excellent complement for salads and yogurts.


Among the utmost benefits of the consumption of the fruits we highlight its concentration of vital energy, micronutrients, vitamins and its antioxidant power for a 100% natural and healthy diet.

At last consuming these products have a direct impact in supporting small farmers generating opportunities through fair trade compensation towards responsibility and transparency to our collaborators, consumers and clients.