“Since 1972”, proud of our history


Valimex was founded in 1972. Since then we have striven to be better every day and we want this to be reflected in our new corporate image. For this reason we have recently incorporated the legend “Since 1972” into our logo. It is more than a legend, it is our history. With this incorporation we intend to mix the image of modernity and flexibility that our current logo transmits with the image of tradition, reliability, seriousness and security that both, the legend “Since 1972” and the typography used, transmit. With this redesign of the logo of our organization we also want to highlight that we were pioneers in Spain in the distribution of peat-based substrates for agriculture and in the distribution of powdered dairy derivatives for human food and animal feed industries.

We are very proud of the road traveled so far and grateful to have collaborated with many customers and suppliers over so many years. We hope to continue doing so for a long time period and, for this reason, we do not stop promoting new projects, as is the case of our International Business Development Division, which is operating for a few years and is constantly growing.

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