Klasmann-Deilmann uses high quality wood fibers to create substrates. This wood fiber is produced in line with relevant sustainability criteria, which ensure that the wood used comes from renewable sources certified by PEFC and RHP.


  • Increases aeration capacity
  • Ensures long-term structural stability
  • Increases drainage
  • Improves rehydration of the substrate
  • Promotes rapid and healthy root development
  • Reduces transportation costs due to its low weight
  • Minimizes the risk of algae in the crop as the surface of the substrate is dried before
GreenFibre is ideal for the production of organic plants and complies with Regulation (EC) 834/2007 and its development according to Regulation (EC) 889/2008, Annex I, and is audited by Grünstempel.


TerrAktiv FT is a combination of TerrAktiv green compost and high-quality wood fibres (Klasmann GreenFibre), which are fermented in a special process to an organic fibre. The fermentation process stabilizes the organic fibers and establishes high microbial activity. TerrAktiv FT is lighter and lower in salt than pure green compost. TerrAktiv FT increases the air capacity in blocking substrates.

The aerobic microclimate guarantees a balanced ammonium nitrate ratio when organic fertilizers in the substrate get converted microbiologically. This is a particular advantage during the critical germination phase. Overall, it leads to more vigorous and healthier crops.


  • It nitrogen stable.
  • Increases the microbial activity in organic substrates.
  • Increases the air capacity in blocking substrates.
  • Optimizes germination and seedling development.
  • Reduces the risk of a too rapid release of ammonium.
  • Is monitored by Grünstempel e. V.


Klasmann-Deilmann uses the high-quality green compost TerrAktiv manufactured in their own composting plant sites to produce organic substrates. Both, the green clippings used and the collection areas are monitored regularly. The same is true for the rotting process which is strictly monitored through running continuous internal checks (nutrient analyses, biological tests, temperature measurements). External checks are performed during the process.

Therefore, TerrAktiv conforms to both, the RAL criteria and guidelines of the Dutch RHP-Standard for professional substrates, as well as the EU Regulation (EC) 834/2007 for organic production. Furthermore, biodynamic preparations are added during the rotting process to ensure the activation of microorganism activity. This is a prerequisite if the substrates are used in certified nurseries. The biological control of fungus gnats in the greenhouse is controlled by introducing predator mites in TerrAktiv.


  • Is biologically active.
  • Suppresses root diseases.
  • Improves shelf life of pot herbs.
  • Is monitored by Grünstempel e. V. and RHP.
  • Slow-release nutrient source.
  • Has a high buffer capacity.
  • Improves the re-wettability.


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