Valimex story began its journey in the early days of 1958 when the Commercial Agency Josef Müller was establish focusing on the export/import of preserved vegetables, fish and food ingredients for the European market.
During the 60´s within the aperture of “Cultivos Müller S.L” the company started to develop its agricultural expertise when the endeavor started to plant in Chiva, Valencia their own Mushrooms crops for selling preserves and started to buy peat from several peat bogs form Germany.



1972.In the year 1972 Josef Muller, together with Eugenio Gil, founded the company VALIMEX S.L., based on the commercial relations and know-how acquired in the Commercial Agency, both in the Food and Agricultural sector.

1979.In 1979 the exclusivity distribution contract is signed with the German company Klasmann Werke GmbH for the distribution of its peat products in Spain, relation that has strengthen thought the years until now.



The loyal and trustful relationship with international suppliers of the food area allied to the company since the early 60’s has been nourished.

The research of new applications of products directed to intensive agriculture is strengthener towards the good practices to serve the best quality to our clients



1990.The contract with the German company is renewed following the merge of Klasmann Werke GmbH and C. Deilmann AG into Klasmann-Deilmann GmbH, maintaining the exclusivity for the Spanish market. 1997.The 2nd Generation of the Müller is incorporated into the company, developing their professional capacities and involvement into different areas within the Organization. The commercialization and product assortment of food and agricultural products is diversified and extended based on the growth of new international suppliers.


The facilities of Chiva are redesign do to the cease of the mushroom cultivation, and on the site is buildup the Valimex Logistics and Warehouse Center with the objective to specialize and potentiate the company as a Commercial and Distribution Enterprise positioning the amenities to contribute for a better and effective logistics and storage service to its customers. During the decade Valimex increase its presence at the International Fairs attendance for the two sectors (Agricultural and Food & Feed) to enhance and expand relationships with clients and providers.

2008. The location in Valencia for Valimex Headquarters are transferred into a bigger and spacious office in the Historic Center of the city at a recently remodel building from the XIX Century. On the same year Valimex renew its Corporate Image.



2011. Eugenio Gil one of the founding members of Valimex ceases the enterprise do to its retirement.

2012.Valimex SL start to be managed by a Board of Directors, Josef Müller as President, together with his sons Astrid, Dieter, Sonia and Carlos Müller who were already developing their professional activities in the company.

2013.Special participation of Valimex in the Centenary of the company Klasmann-Deilmann GmbH with special mention as the oldest International Distributor of the Multinational

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2016.Opening of the facilities in Andosilla (Navarra) developing coverage for the mushroom cultivation market and Logistics and Warehouse support center to attend our clients from the north of Spain and France. Introduction in our product portfolio of innovative products such as Superfoods , exotic spices and tropical fruits. New alliances, partners and providers in the food sector from worldwide especially from Latin America. The accreditation as legitimate certified warehouse and importer of Bio products for the European Union.