Our experience since 1972 and our close collaboration with customers and international suppliers together with a good service and comprehensive technical advice is Valimex guarantee signature for supplying the finest products for the Agricultural Sector and Food & Feed Ingredients.



Our known commercial trail in local and international markets integrated with an advanced professional capability and technical experience understanding the needs of our clients makes Valimex the perfect partner to warrant the best solutions for our clients.

We work closely and in exclusive with manufactures and suppliers of well know companies. In the agriculture division we represent since 1979 the german multinational Klasmann – Deilmann GmbH, In the food & feed sector since the 60´s until now, we have loyal customers who have been with us since our early begins.

Our international profile and our legitimate sprit of service are the base of Valimex culture; focus on clients, continuous improvement, and resource management. Constantly Valimex are expanding its infrastructures and product portfolio with the aim to offer innovation and optimize the quality towards the benefit of our clients.

Since Valimex foundation, client compromise and professionally has always been present as a fundamental pillar to guarantee the best quality to our customers.


Valimex provides complete, effective and efficient logistics solutions for its customers getting deliveries on time and in perfect condition of the goods and minimizing the transit times.

To achieve lower environmental impact we use intermodal transport network Rail / road and / or combination of types of transport: land and sea.

We also offer informational support that allows us at any time the shipping status for better control and customer service. Valimex have its own warehouses located at the town of Chiva (Valencia) for the South and Mediterranean areas and Andosilla (Navarra) for the north of the Iberian Peninsula.